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Why HGC bizCloud?

This next-generation, cost-effective and high-availability cloud platform is ideal for enterprises.


A feature-rich yet user-friendly self-management portal enables users to assign IT resources flexibly and dynamically, as and when needed.


These are channelled from a pool of virtual CPUs, memory, storage and network facilities to a standalone virtual machine (VM), or secure network of VMs in logically-isolated virtual network segments–otherwise known as a virtual private cloud (VPC). 


Simplicity and flexibility come to the fore when considering HGC bizCloud's pay-as-you-go and scalable fixed monthly models. Put simply, they ensure you have the level of IT resource you need, whenever you need it.


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Feature-rich self-management portal

Now you can create, configure and manage VMs via the Internet on an “anytime, anywhere” basis along the following lines:

Feature-rich self-management portal.jpg

    High availability and security from a telco-grade cloud

    Hosted in Tier-3 or higher-grade data centres

    • HGC-owned Tier-3+ data centres accredited with ISO 27001 certification 
    • High-availability with auto-failover safeguards, thanks to bizCloud’s resilient design 
    • Comes complete with 99.95% SLO 

    Tight security engenders peace of mind for our customers

    • Robust firewall protection
    • Access control lists (ACLs) enable users to control in/outbound traffic to/from individual subnets via a web portal
    • Optional second-tier cloud firewall provides additional security protection for greater compliance with regulatory policies  

    Internet traffic charge included 

    Unlike general cloud services, no additional charge is made for Internet traffic, so customers need never worry about reaching a high-data cap. 

    Support a wide range of OS 

    Choose from a wide range of Linux and Windows OS versions for your VMs.

    YOUR choice of public or private connectivity 

    If not choosing a shared public Internet service, you can opt for:

    • IPSec VPN for more secure transmission
    • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for guaranteed bandwidth, or
    • A private route by choosing CloudConnect or MetroNET for greater security and enhanced data transmission performance

    VPC – customize your virtual network infrastructure with ease

    ​This virtual private cloud offers a safe, reliable, cost-efficient and flexible way to define your own virtual network. You are provided with a single platform to customise the whole virtual networking environment, to include:

    •    Direct connection to the Internet or private subnets
    •    Interconnection of VPCs to match your application needs
    •    Creation of multiple VPCs using the hassle-free HGC bizCloud management portal​


    * bizCloud service is subject to Acceptable Use Policy & Cloud Service Terms and Conditions, which are published on www.h​​

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