Contract Free Business Broadband/Voice Service Offer

Contract Free Business Broadband/Voice Service Offer

The Unconventional “Contract Free Offer”

Still bound by a contract?

Contract Free Business Broadband/Voice Service Offer for new customers

• No contract

• No advance payment​

• No standard installation charge

Offer is valid until 31 December 2018

Sales Hotline: 1228

Email: ​​​​

​*Terms & Conditions

1. Business Broadband and Business Voice Services are provided by HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”) and the offer is valid until 31 December 2018 (“Promotion Period”).
2. The offer is applicable only to select new business customers (“Customer”) in designated commercial buildings. Each customer can apply for a maximum of one business broadband and four business voice services using this offer.
3. This offer is applicable only to certain business broadband and voice services. Please contact 1228 for more details.
4. This offer is not applicable to the Business Broadband Service Member Gets Member Program.
5. After making a successful application, customer must sign the service order form within the Promotion Period. Installation of the service concerned must be completed on or before 31 March 2019. Otherwise, this offer shall not be applicable. The offer will be ended until application quota exceeds. The offer quota is subject to the actual receipt of such order form.
6. The special monthly service fees and installation fees cover only standard installation work. This means installation work conducted by HGC using common facilities available in a building such as cable, trunking and risers, with permission to use such facilities without additional charges to HGC. Customer shall be liable to pay any extra charge that may be incurred for any installation work outside the scope of standard installation work. 
7. The bandwidth mentioned above is available only in certain buildings and floors because of wiring issues or other physical constraints. It refers to the maximum bandwidth that can be achieved between a Customer’s premises and the broadband equipment in the building concerned. This bandwidth might be different from the actual performance a Customer experiences. Attainment of this bandwidth depends on various factors including, but not limited to, HGC network coverage, building infrastructure, performance and configuration of computers. Upload and download speeds when accessing websites based overseas will be substantially lower than when accessing local websites.
8. Service termination requires one month advance written notice. Customer should obtain a termination form by calling the Customer Service Hotline – 1222 for Business Broadband Service and 1220 for Business Voice Service, or contacting an account manager, then send the completed form to HGC at least one month prior to the termination date  according to the instructions stated in the termination form. The actual date of service termination is subject to the actual receipt of such termination form by HGC (“Notification Date”) and must be effective within 2 months from the Notification Date.
9. HGC reserves the right to change the service fee, content and Terms & Conditions of service without notice. HGC shall have the right of final determination in the event of dispute.
10. Details of the offer’s Terms & Conditions are set out in the sales agreement/order form. This offer is also subject to HGC’s General and Special Terms & Conditions, and Special Terms & Conditions in respect of HGC Business Broadband Services (collectively, “Terms & Conditions”), which can be found at our website ( In the event of conflict between the Terms & Conditions specified in this offer and the Terms & Conditions, the former shall prevail.

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