SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunk enables next generation VOIP

HGC SIP Trunk is a next-generation VoIP service based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which delivers telephone services and unified communications to enterprises with SIP-capable IP PABXs. The IP voice service provides a basic to fully-serviced communication solution across our powerful fiber network. Unlike a traditional TDM trunk, which could only scale up in multiples of 23 with the T1 trunks, SIP Trunk breaks the channel limitation of IDA-P and does not require provision of a costly T1/IDA-P PABX card to support business expansion.  

SIP Trunk is a direct SIP-to-SIP connection to the PSTN. It’s adaptable to the needs of all businesses of any scale, enabling enterprises to fully reap the advantages of next generation VoIP service, which in return boosts workforce productivity.​

Overcome the limitations of traditional voice


​Types of communication supported​TDM-based voice communication​IP-based VoIP, unified communications brought about by IP PABX, such as instant messaging, presence, conference calls, video conferencing
​Scalability​Scales up in multiple of 23 lines per step, resulting in wastage​Maximum flexibility in dimensioning and usage of lines
​T1 / IDA cards requirement​TDM-based PBX limited to 23 channels per trunk and requires purchase of costly T1/IDA-P card for trunk expansion​Not required – a single interface can scale to up to 850 channels ​

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HGC-Biz Product PDF Download



HGC-Biz Product PDF Download

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