Our Clients

Our Clients

Case Studies


KFC's outlets are now connected by HGC's MetroNET service, enabling KFC to offer impressively efficient customer service​.

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Pizza Hut​

Deployment of HGC's Super Retail Network enables Pizza Hut to shorten the time it takes to process online ordering and boosts the restaurant's overall operational efficiency.

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Travel Expert​

Travel Expert has enjoyed faster and smoother internet connectivity since HGC provides MetroNET and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service.

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HGC's Super Retail Network has significantly enhanced the network speed and reliability of Fortress, ensuring faster access to applications and data for frontline staff, boosting productivity as a result.

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HGC' s MetroLambda solution and SDNet/2 connectivity ensure data is transported between different locations in a highly-efficient and stable manner.

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Television Broadcasts Limited​

Chinese version only

數據量龐大的TVB網絡電視節目,背後是透過HGC 光纖骨幹網絡 所提供的充裕頻寬傳送。



HGC's one-stop Application Content Providers (ACP) solution enhances application performance and improves the end-customer experience of LeTV. 

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Gammon Construction relies on HGC solutions, including MetroNET, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Centrex, to streamline procedures, while constantly enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Hankyu Hanshin​

 MetroNET, HGC's high-speed data transmission solution, enables staff of Hankyu Hanshin Express (HK) at all levels to handle bookings and cargo promptly and accurately.

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