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Accessibility Statement

The website design of HGC Global Communications (HGC) has taken into consideration the needs of the visually-impaired. The HGC website was awarded the 'Friendly Website' recognition (Website Stream) in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2018. The recognition scheme was organised by Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited, with The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer as the co-organiser and the Equal Opportunities Commission as the independent advisor.

  1. Text alternativeHGC website provides text alternatives for non-text content such as photos, banners, charts and icons, allowing screen readers to convert text to synthetic speech so that the visually-impaired can understand what the non-text content represents.

  2. Keyboard accessibleThe visually-impaired may not be able to use a mouse and rely on keyboard to browse a website. HGC website was designed in a way that you can use the keyboard exclusively to access all content. For example, when you press the tab key, the cursor will move to hyperlinks one by one in a logical order.

  3. Colour contrast
    The visual presentation of text and images of text in the HGC website had been enhanced to ensure sufficient contrast for better viewing.

HGC strives to adopt web accessibility design to facilitate easy access to online information. For any questions about the accessibility of HGC website, please contact us via