Business Broadband Half-price/Bandwidth Upgrade Offer

Business Broadband Half-price/Bandwidth Upgrade Offer

Business Broadband Switching Offer:

• Bandwidth Upgrade5; or 

• Half Price5

Offer is valid until 30 November 2018

Sales Hotline: 1228​

Email: ​​​​

*Terms & Conditions

1. Business Broadband Service (“BBS”) is provided by HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”) and the offer is valid until 30 November 2018.

2. This offer is applicable to existing customers of business broadband provided by non-HGC operators and is applicable to designated commercial buildings only. The subscribing company or organization must be a new customer to HGC and has not subscribed to HGC Business Broadband at the installation address. Each customer can enjoy this offer once. Repeating application is not allowed.

3. This offer is applicable to designated business broadband services only, subject to a fixed contract term of 24 months (“Fixed Contract Period”).

4. Upon successful application, customer must sign the service contract within the Promotion Period. The installation of relevant service(s) must be completed on or before 31 December 2018. Otherwise, this offer shall not be applicable.

5. “Bandwidth Upgrade” means customer is entitled to upgrading of bandwidth in accordance with the “Upgrade Rule” at a fee as low as the “Existing Average Monthly Service Fee”, subject to a maximum bandwidth of 1000M; while “Half Price” refers to a fee as low as half of the “Existing Average Monthly Service Fee” paid by the customer.  However, the special monthly service fee of the aforementioned offers cannot be less than the lowest special monthly service fee HGC charges for the relevant service customer actually subscribes for at HGC. “Existing Average Monthly Service Fee” is defined as the average monthly fee for the relevant existing service provided by the existing operator. “Upgrade Rule”: Existing 100M will upgrade to 300M; Existing 200M will upgrade to 500M; Existing 500M will upgrade to 1000M, subject to the available bandwidth can be provided by HGC.

6. Customer shall present billing statement of the relevant service issued by existing operator within the last 3 months showing customer’s name, service(s) in use, installation address and the relevant service charge in order to enjoy these offers. 

7. The company name of customer shown on the Business Registration Certificate submitted for service application shall be the same as that printed on the billing statement issued by the existing operator, and the installation address of the relevant service(s) registered by the customer shall be the same as that of the billing statement issued by the existing operator.

8. The special monthly service fees and installation fees only cover standard installation work, which refer to installation work conducted by HGC using common facilities available at the building, including cable, trunking, raiser etc., with permission to use these facilities without additional charge to HGC. Customer shall be liable to pay any extra charge that may be incurred for any installation work which is outside the scope of standard installation work. 

9. In the event of termination during the contract period, the customer agrees to pay to HGC an early termination charge equivalent to the monthly services fees multiplied by the number of months remaining of the contract period.

10. This offer is subject to HGC's final notice. HGC reserves the right to change the service fee, content, terms and conditions of the Services without prior notice. HGC shall have the right of final decision in case of any dispute.

11. Details of the offer terms and conditions are set out in the sales agreement / order form. This offer is also subject to HGC’s General and Special Terms and Conditions, and Special Terms and Conditions for HGC Business Broadband Services (collectively, “Terms and Conditions”) which can be found on our website If there is any conflict between the terms and conditions specified in this offer and the Terms and Conditions, the former will prevail.​​

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