Flying High Together - Telecom Bundle Offer

Flying High Together - Telecom Bundle Offer

Subscribe to Business Broadband or 4.5G SIM and get a round-trip ticket to Taipei for free!*^^


bizoffer_2017_main.jpgNew subscribers of any of the following “Flying High Together” business service*

will be entitled to one FREE Taipei round trip air ticket*^

(Maximum 5 tickets for each new customer)​

Business Broadband#

4.5G SIM^​





300M/500M/1000M Business Broadband service plans and 6GB/10GB data SIM plans are also available.

Join us now to enjoy exclusive privileges available to HGC Business Broadband customers:

IT service

free supporting hotline

Cloud service

free consultation hotline



Cloud Backup 1-month free trial



Enquiry Hotline: 1228

Email: ​​​

*The Offer is valid till 31 May 2017 (“Promotion Period”). New Customer is required to enter into a 30 months’ contract (“Fixed Contract Period”). Each new customer can only redeem one Taipei round-trip economic air ticket, on the condition that successful subscription and installation of 100M business broadband (“BBS”) provided by Hutchison Global Communications Limited (“HGC”), or 3HK 4.5GB designated monthly plan. (Each Customer can redeem up to five tickets). The Redemption offer is limited and available on a first come first served basis, whilst stock lasts.

#Terms & Conditions for HGC Business Broadband (“BBS”): 1. This redemption offer is applicable to designated BBS and commercial buildings only, and BBS installation should be completed on or before 31 July 2017 (“Installation Period”).  2. Dynamic IP will be assigned for the business broadband services. The relevant bandwidth mentioned above is available only at selected buildings and selected floors due to wiring issue or other physical constraints within the buildings. It refers to the maximum bandwidth that may be achieved between a customer’s premises and the broadband equipment of the relevant building, which may be different from the actual speed performance that a customer may experience. The attainment of the relevant bandwidth depends on various factors including but not limited to HGC network coverage, building infrastructure and performance, and configuration of computers. Upload and download speeds of overseas websites will be substantially lower than local websites. 3. The above monthly service fee and installation fee only cover standard installation work, which refers to installation work conducted by HGC using common facilities available at the building, including cable, trunking, raiser etc., with permission to use these facilities without additional charge to HGC. Customer shall be liable to pay any extra charge that may be incurred for any installation work which is outside the scope of standard installation work. 4. The service installation shall be subject to the actual condition,   the circumstantial factors of the installation sites and/or the environment and condition where BBS are to be installed, activated and used, Customer acknowledges that if Customer’s travelling schedule cannot be met due to the changes or delay of the installation date, HGC shall have no responsibility for any losses or liabilities incurred. 5. BBS is governed by HGC’s General Terms and Conditions. This redemption offer is also subject to other terms and conditions. For details, please visit

*Terms & Conditions for HGC Cloud Backup: 1. For details of HGC’s Cloud Backup Offer and Terms and Conditions, please contact HGC sales manager. 2. HGC Cloud Backup is subject to HGC’s General Terms and Conditions and Cloud Service General Terms and Conditions. For details, please visit

^Terms & Conditions of 3HK 4.5G monthly plan: 1. This redemption offer is not applicable to 3Shop. This redemption offer is only applicable to selected new and MNP (Mobile Number Porting) customers. These service plans are applicable to current staff members of selected corporate employees only. Resigned or retired staff members are not eligible to the Service Plan. Customer is required to settle the bill payment by credit card autopay. The name of credit cardholder must be the same as the monthly plan. Administration Fee of $18 per month is required. 2. Customers should purchase designated monthly plan, sign the order confirmation form and pre-pay $100 for SIM card (per SIM card). Customer’s billing account will receive the refund after completed first month usage. 3. An SMS alert will be sent to the customer when data usage nearly reaches the limit. Customer may through or 3Meter App purchase data top-up which can be used for the remaining period of the month before bill cut-off date.  If data usage has reached the limit, local data usage will be suspended. Local data thereafter charge is $38/200MB or $90/1GB ($90/1GB only applies to Net Plan Price $218 or above plans). Local data entitlement includes extra local data during contract period. Customer may redeem bonus data via 3Meter App or before the next bill date or it will be forfeited. 4. The Service is provided by Hutchison Telephone Company Limited (“3HK”) and is governed by the related service terms and conditions. For details, please visit or contact 3HK’s sales manager.

^^Terms & Conditions for “Taipei round-trip air ticket redemption”: 1.The departure and arrival location for the trip must begin and end in Hong Kong. The departure date must be during the period from 3 April to 30 June, 1 September to 31 October 2017 (except the blackout periods). Blackout periods include 12 April to 16 April 2017, 28 April to 30 April 2017, 25 May to 27 May 2017, 28 September to 1 October 2017 and 5 October 2017.  2. This air ticket redemption offer is only applicable to the round-trip economic air tickets to Taipei by Eva Airline (BR), China Airline (CI) and Hong Kong Airline (HX) with departure from Hong Kong. Air tickets cannot be transferred, sold, exchanged for other offers or cash, returned and no flight route changes will be allowed. Customer is required to pay for airport security and departure taxes, airport construction fee and ticketing surcharge. Customer is also required to pay a handling fee not less than HK$30 per ticket to Hong Kong. 3. Air tickets are subject to the flight supply availability. Customer should register with Hong Kong and reserve the required ticket not less than 14 working days in advance before the Customer’s scheduled date of departures or on or before 30 September 2017 (whichever date is earlier applies). Limited offer is available whilst stock lasts. Please check with Hong Kong for details. 4. Upon HGC or 3HK confirmed the successful application and installation, HGC or 3HK will separately issue a notification with redemption details via email or SMS to Customer. The notification includes the redemption details, a redemption code and a air ticket website online booking form. The eligible Customer must, on or before 30 September 2017, access to the designated website as stated in the email or SNS notification and provide the relevant information and input the one-off redemption code for the registration of the air ticket redemption, Hong Kong staff will contact Customer within 3 working days for air ticket redemption confirmation. Each redemption code can be used once only and will be no longer valid once it has been activated.  The Customer must keep confidential. If the redemption code is obtained through unauthorized means or modified, copied, forged, damaged or tampered with in any way, such code will be void. If the redemption code does not match Hong Kong's system record, such code will not be accepted. In case of any discrepancy found in the records between the eligible Customer, HGC, 3HK and Hong Kong, the records of HGC, 3HK and Hong Kong shall prevail. 5. This air ticket redemption offer could be processed after successful subscription and completion of installation. If HGC fails to install the BBS for the Customer during Installation Period as mentioned above, HGC has the sole right to select either: (i) to agree the eligible Customer to redeem this offer continuously, or (ii) to give a rebate amount HK$1,100 to the Customer’s BBS billing account for the replacement of this air ticket redemption offer, Customer shall raise no objection. HGC, 3HK and Hong Kong reserve the right to accept or refuse any redemption offer. 6. Any unused products or services, it is non-refundable and non-exchangeable for other products and services. 7. This air tick redemption offer cannot be used together with other discounts, promotions or offers. 8. The air ticket is offered by Hutchison Travel Limited (“ Hong Kong") and this air ticket redemption offer is governed by the terms & conditions of HGC, 3HK and Hong Kong.  The air ticket is provided by a third party service provider. HGC and 3HK shall not be liable for any products and services provided by the third party or shall not have any liability to Customer for any charge, expenditure, loss or damage arising from the use or the quality of product and service quality provided by the third party service provider.

HGC, Hutchison Telephone Company Limited (“3HK”) and Hong Kong reserve the right to alter, amend or terminate this air ticket redemption offer and the above terms & conditions at any time without prior notice and accepts no responsibilities. HGC, 3HK and Hong Kong has the right of final decision on this promotion offer activity. Hutchison Travel Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (License number: 351033).​

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