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HGC Cloud Backup

HGC Cloud Backup

Back up your databases, files and applications in one place – HGC Cloud Backup

Lost files and system failure can seriously disrupt your business. You need a backup solution that minimises interruptions and resumes normal service swiftly, whenever needed. 

HGC Cloud Backup is a one-stop service that backs up your files, databases and a variety of applications – on-premise or in the cloud – automatically and centrally to the cloud. The old silo approach, by which each data type is protected by its own discrete backup solution, is now becoming obsolete. 

Powered by data protection and recovery expert Commvault, HGC Cloud Backup supports an array of applications – from the very latest through to legacy apps such as Informix and Sybase. 

Enterprises of any size can take advantage of this highly-versatile backup service by choosing from a subscription or pay-as-you-go model, with no need for any hefty outlay of capital.

HGC Cloud Backup backs up files, databases and applications in one go – whether on-premise or in the cloud.​


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Flexible OPEX model

Now you can subscribe to what you need, when you need it, while reducing the cost of backup infrastructure hardware, software and maintenance. 

Automation boosts IT efficiency

An easy-to-use portal helps you establish a schedule and identify the data and servers you want to back up – the system then takes on the task automatically thereafter. Now you can eliminate tedious manual backup chores and get IT manpower working on higher-value tasks. 

Improve reliability and security with offsite backup

Automatic backup via the Internet or private data circuit to the cloud ensures swift and reliable recovery of data. In particular, automatic backup to a Tier 3+ data centre minimizes manual work and maximizes security at the same time. All data is encrypted before it leaves your server and remains so while stored in the cloud.

Features and benefits

Supports contemporary and legacy applications

HGC Cloud Backup supports a wide range of the latest and legacy applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, SAP HANA, MSSQL Server, MySQL, Informix, Sybase and others. Please contact us to check on your application’s compatibility.


Remarkable de-duplication and compression capabilities cut costs

Cost of storage is further reduced by HGC Cloud Backup’s remarkable de-duplication and compression capabilities from Commvault.

Quick recovery time

Commvault’s distributed index mechanism enables users to choose exactly which specific files and directories need to be restored – an approach that allows the process to run at unparalleled high speed.


Self-service backup and restoration via one console

Our self-service console enables users to schedule and manage backup remotely anytime, anywhere. The same portal is used to restore data whenever needed.


Dual-centre backup option

Customers with extra-stringent requirements for reliability can choose to have backups stored at one of our data centres, while replicated at another for geographical diversity.


Hosted at world-class data centres

The HGC Cloud Backup platform is hosted at an HGC data centre, designed according to the TIA-942 tier 3, or higher, standard and accredited with ISO 27001 certification. This ensures high levels of availability and security.


Open-file backup support

Our platform even backs up files while they are in use, in order to ensure the very latest version is protected.


Pay-as-you-go model minimises capital investment

Our pay-as-you-go model means you pay only for what you use. An affordable monthly fee option is also available for your company to enjoy enterprise-grade data protection managed by a team of technical experts with fixed budget.


24/7 customer service hotline support

Our local customer service hotline is ready to help you solve any problem, as it occurs.

    Applications supported

    MS Exchange 2007 – 2016

    Lotus/Domino 8 – 9
    MS SharePoint 2010 – 2013
    MS Active Directory 2k3 – 2012
    Novell Groupwise
    Documentum 6.5SP1 – 7.2

    Others also supported. Simply call to check. 


    Operating systems supported

    Windows Server 2k3sp2 – 2012 R2

    Windows XPSP3 – 10
    Oracle Linux 4.x – 6.x
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 – 6
    CentOS 4.x – 7.x
    Ubuntu 9.10 – 16.04
    SuSE Linux (SLES) 10.x – 12.x
    Debian 5.x – 8.x
    HP UNIX 11i v2 – v3


    Databases supported

    MS SQL Server 2005 – 2016

    Oracle 10g R1 – 12c
    Sybase ASE 15.0.3 – 15.7
    Informix XPS 8.51,11.50,11.70,12.10
    MySQL 5.1.x – 5.7.x
    IBM DB2 9.1 – 10.5
    PostgreSQL 8.2 – 9.2

    Why not try the HGC Cloud Backup solution for yourself?


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