International Call Forward (ICF)
International Call Forward

International Call Forward

This function allows you to divert all incoming calls to overseas mobile or fixed line number, enabling you to keep in touch with friends and business partners when you are abroad. It also helps you save up to 90% on conventional mobile roaming service rates. 

What's more, when you are using our ICF service abroad, your callers hear the Hong Kong ringing and connection tone, fully protecting the confidentiality of your whereabouts.​

Key features

Make IDD calls anywhere, anytime

  • Your "ICF" also serves as an International Calling Card, allowing you to make IDD calls from Hong Kong or overseas. All IDD call charges are itemized and shown on your "I​CF" monthly statement.​

Security code for added privacy

  • A personal identification number (PIN) protects you against unauthorised access to your HGC "ICF" service profile.

Dialling procedures

    Universal access numbers & over​seas access numbers


    ​All charges for IDD services are calculated on a per-minute basis.​

    For service details, please contact us.

    Hotline: 1228


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