International Calling Card
International Calling Card

International Calling Card

Connecting you to the world

With our "International Calling Card", you enjoy efficient and cost effective IDD access both in Hong Kong and when travelling overseas. With this service, you avoid all the communications hassles you could face in a foreign country, such as the confusions and frustrations of a foreign language or different and unfami​liar dialling procedures. You also save on expensive hotel IDD surcharges, etc. In fact, calling your home or office from a number of overseas countries has now become even more convenient as you only need to remember one service access number -- 800-0080-0080.

Key features

Total convenience

  • Clear voice instructions in Cantonese, Mandarin or English. 
  • Service available from any touch-tone phone, both in Hong Kong and around the world at any time.

Improved security

  • You can change your PIN via any touch-tone phone by simply dialling 2089.

Competitive rates

  • No expensive hotel surcharges or local pay phone charges. 
  • 24-hour flat rates. 
  • Simple and cost-efficient tariffs. 
  • Equitable rates based on a per minute usage and charging.

Dialling procedures


    Universal access numbers​ & overseas access n​umbers​

    All charges for IDD services are calculated on a per-minute basis.

    For service details, please contact us.

    Hotline: 122​​​8


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