ISDN0083 is able to provide transmission speeds of 64Kbps to almost 1.5Mbps. 

It can be used for a host of applications ranging from regular phone calls, fax, to data transfer, and even videoconferencing. 

Our local ISDN charges are relatively low, and is calculated on a per-usage basis, you just pay only for the bandwidth you actually use.


Service ​

  • ​Premium ISDN 


  • Supports ISDN Primary Rate Interface (23B+D) standard 
  •  ITU-T Recommendation 1.421 compliant 

Speed (bps) 

  • 1 x 64Kbps (D channel) 
  • 23 x 64Kbps (B channels)

Key features

The 64Kbps B channels carry your voice, video or data traffic, while the D channel is used by the network to set up calls and monitor performance. In addition to these capabilities, a range of optional features are also available with HGC Premium "ISDN" services. These include: 

Advanced voice features 

  • Abbreviated Dialling, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding to facilitate call management. 

Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) 

  • ​Ensures that the called party can see the number of the caller. This works for both voice and data calls and represents an added level of convenience and security. ​

Multiple customer numbers 

  • ​Allows up to two ISDN numbers to be assigned to a single interface. 


  • Allows individual numbers or a "sub-address" to be set up so that messages (voice/video, mail/data) are delivered quickly and transparently to each user or device connected to your ISDN line. 


All charges for IDD services are calculated on a per-channel per-minute basis.​

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