Broadband & Voice Quality Assurance Programs

Broadband & Voice Quality Assurance Programs

Business Broadband and Voice Service Quality Assurance Programs

New customers subscribing to HGC’s Business Broadband Service (“BBS”) or Business Voice Service (“BVS”) comprising of corresponding Service Quality Assurance programs4,5,6,7 are entitled to request for early service termination without early termination charge incurred if any service quality issue4 is found during the first 6 months of the Fixed Contract Period.

Business Broadband Service Quality Assurance Program



IP Type

1 Dynamic IP

​1 Fixed IP

Installation FeeFree3
Fixed Contract Period24 Months2
Quality Assurance Program Period4,5,6,7First 6 months of the Fixed Contract Period

Business Voice Service Quality Assurance Program

Service TypeBusiness Direct Exchange Line
or Fax Line services​
Installation FeeFree3
Fixed Contract Period24 Months2
Quality Assurance Program Period4,5,6,7First 6 months of the Fixed Contract Period

    The Offer is valid until 31 December 2018. Special Offers to other Business Broadband, and Voice Services are also available. For service details, please contact us.

    Enquiry Hotline: 1228

    Email: ​​​

    Terms and Conditions

    1. BBS and BVS are provided by HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”) and the offer is valid until 31 December 2018.

    2. The offer is applicable to selected new business customers (“Customer”) at designated commercial buildings only, subject to a fixed contract term of 24 months (“Fixed Contract Period”). 

    3. The above monthly service fees and installation fees only cover standard installation work, which refer to installation work conducted by HGC using common facilities available at the building, including cable, trunking, raiser etc., with permission to use these facilities without additional charge to HGC. Customer shall be liable to pay any extra charge that may be incurred for any installation work which is outside the scope of standard installation work.

    4. Subject to the following conditions, the Service Quality Assurance Program (“Quality Assurance”) guarantees that Customer can early terminate the relevant service without incurring any early termination charge:

      a. “Service Quality Issue” means (i) a BBS Customer is unable to connect to the Internet for 10 minutes or more continuously which is solely caused by HGC’s default and HGC is unable to resolve and restore connection to the Internet within this 10 minutes; or (ii) a BVS Customer is unable to make or receive voice call / fax for 10 minutes or more continuously which is solely caused by HGC’s default and HGC is unable to resolve and restore making / receiving of voice call / fax  within this 10 minutes; 

      b. Report the above Service Quality Issue  in accordance with the established procedure of reporting to HGC set out in below Clause 7;

      c. The Service Quality Issue is verified and confirmed as solely caused by HGC’s default after investigation by HGC;

      d. Within the first 6 months of the Fixed Contract Period, the Service Quality Issue so verified by HGC occur for 2 times or more, or the duration of one of the Service Quality Issue is more than 3 working days counting from the date of report to HGC (“Affected Days” as defined in Clause 8);

      e. Customer raises a request to early terminate the service by serving HGC a written notice within the first 6 months of the Fixed Contract Period; and

      f. The duration of the Service Quality Issue will be determined at the sole discretion of HGC, based on HGC’s internal records.

    5. The circumstances listed below shall not be regarded and qualified as Service Quality Issue and HGC shall not provide the Quality Assurance:

      a. Where Customer requests HGC to test the broadband or voice circuit but no faults is detected by HGC’s fault reporting system;

      b. The broadband or voice circuit (or any part thereof) is modified or altered in any way by Customer;

      c. Fault or failure of any cables, circuits or networks connected to the broadband or voice service which do not form any part of BBS or BVS provided by HGC;

      d. Customer is unreachable after report of Service Quality Issue to HGC;

      e. Any interruption resulting from defects or failures in any application, equipment, apparatus, facilities of Customer;

      f. Any interruption resulting from acts, omissions or breach by Customer; or

      g. Planned, periodic or emergency network maintenance or network upgrading works resulting in unavailability of service in any form or other circumstances and situations that HGC cannot reasonably foresee or control including but not limited to any force majeure event and weather constraints.

    6. Procedure of Reporting: Customer must report any suspected Quality Service Issue through fault report hotline (i) BBS: 31603160; (ii) BVS: 21201997 before service is resumed or restored.

    7. Affected Days are calculated starting from the date HGC acknowledge Customer’s fault report until the day on which service is restored. When HGC’s maintenance schedule is delayed due to the following circumstances, the number of days of delay is not counted towards Affected Days:

      a. Customer’s information and / or supporting documents are insufficient to carry out trouble-shooting and testing;

      b. Customer does not accept HGC's arrangement of onsite testing or maintenance;

      c. Onsite testing or maintenance by HGC technician could not be arranged due to restrictions of building management office;

      d. HGC technician is unable to contact Customer at the time scheduled for onsite testing or maintenance; or

      e. HGC is unable to conduct onsite testing or maintenance as scheduled due to any unforeseeable or uncontrollable circumstances.

    8. For service termination, Customer can contact Customer Services Hotline, 1222 for BBS/1220 for BVS or account manager for the relevant termination form, and return a copy of the completed form to HGC at least one month prior to the termination date (but not longer than two months) according to the instruction stated on the termination form.

    9. The relevant bandwidth mentioned above is available only at selected buildings and selected floors due to wiring issue or other physical constraints within the buildings. It refers to the maximum bandwidth that may be achieved between a Customer’s premises and the broadband equipment of the relevant building, which may be different from the actual speed performance that a Customer may experience. The attainment of the relevant bandwidth depends on various factors including but not limited to HGC network coverage, building infrastructure, performance, and configuration of computers. Upload and download speeds of overseas websites will be substantially lower than local websites.

    10. Unless otherwise specified, the terms and conditions of BBS and BVS which are applicable by their nature or otherwise shall continue to be valid and binding on Customer notwithstanding subscription to the Service Quality Assurance programs.

    11. This offer is subject to HGC's final notice. HGC reserves the right to change the service fee, content, terms and conditions of the Services without prior notice. HGC shall have the right of final decision in case of any dispute.

    12. This offer is subject to HGC’s General and Special Terms and Conditions, and Special Terms and Conditions for HGC Business Broadband Services (collectively, “Terms and Conditions”) which can be found on our website If there is any conflict between the terms and conditions specified in this offer and the Terms and Conditions, the former will prevail.

    13. The full version of terms of conditions of Service Quality Assurance programs are available upon request. Please contact our sales enquiry hotline at 1228.

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