UC Anywhere

UC Anywhere

​HGC UC Anywhere is an integrated, feature-rich, cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution to suit corporations of any size. Here are some key reasons why your company should view our solution as a business opportunity.

Key features

International numbers

Local access, global reach

Make your company eminently reachable internationally by being contactable via local numbers in various countries. Installing overseas phone numbers on your UC Anywhere device enables users to make and receive calls to and from anywhere in the world – all via the UC portal.


Empower your organisation to work flexibly 

UC Anywhere has intelligent call routing and mobile phones the means to manage your account online. In addition, it is softphone or mobile phone compatible, so you can make and receive calls from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you no longer need to be in the office to answer landline calls. Internal transfers, ring groups and all other aspects of the service function as if in a conventional office environment.

Advanced Call Flow (ACF) management module

Bespoke interactive call management

A phone line provides one of the most important channels via which to communicate with customers. And our Advanced Call Flow (ACF) management module optimises this by providing a sophisticated yet easy-to-use built-in call flow management facility that enables customers to build and customise their own IVR system call flow capability in simple drag-and-drop steps. Time of day routing is fast and easy, and features include music-on-hold and an automated welcome greeting, etc.

Call recording

Capturing and retrieving call details with ease

The call recording feature can be accessed anywhere, and the UC Anywhere portal enables users to turn the facility on/off from any devices. Conference calls can be recorded without needing any additional equipment. Call recording can be used for training purposes and to help teams develop a more comprehensive understanding of how customers use a product.

Video and audio conferencing

Create, control and manage conferences on the fly

Video and audio conferencing facilitate effective collaboration and engagement, so our UC portal enables users to configure, schedule and moderate conferences with parties locally and internationally. 

Centralised management portal

Smart communications management

Our UC portal can be used to control real-time call, recording and call conferencing, and it allows customers to configure phone system settings using a drag-and-drop option. What’s more, administrators can add, remove and edit users, as well as their permission levels, numbers and devices – all in real time.

Globally-interconnected points of presence (PoP)

UC network ring

VoIP calls are broken down into packets of data – like those used on a packet-switched network – to connect one caller with another using standard protocols and media codecs. UC Anywhere is carried by a global UC network ring running via secure and reliable networks to deliver uninterrupted voice and video on an international private link. This provides customers with exceptional service quality anytime, anywhere.​

Other features at a glance

• Mobile app for Android and iOS devices
• Softphone
• SIM-Ring
• e-Fax
• Voicemail to email
• Corporate directory address book
• Ring groups
• Screen sharing and recording
• Call pull
• Call park
• Customised music-on-hold
• eFax
• Time of day routing
• Real-time call logs and statistics

And more…

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