Business eFax

Our "Business eFax" service is a simple and convenient Fax-to-Email service. All incoming faxes will be directed to the email box assigned by you. Through our "Business eFax" service, you can receive the fax anytime, anywhere. You can also view and file the fax in electronic format and even forward the fax to whoever's email boxes you want. Just like a normal facsimiles system, each customer will be assigned with a personal fax number for receiving fax. It's an efficient, convenient, and tailor-made service for each corporate user.

Key Features

Cost Saving

As all the faxes are received by a computer, there is no need to buy a fax machine, fax papers, toner and etc. More, there is no need to install a fax line. It helps save money, office space and the environment.

Get Fax Anywhere

Simply get onto the Internet, you can then get your fax anytime and anywhere all over the world.

Keep Confidential

All the faxes will be directed to your personal email box. It can keep all your incoming faxes strictly confidential.

Increase Efficiency

You can simply forward the fax to anyone if needed immediately. No delay anymore.