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Talk Central Limited Offer from just $65/month

Offer valid till 30 June 2019


HGC Global Communications Limited may, directly or through its affiliated companies, agents and/or business partners1, use my personal data2(“Personal Data”) for direct marketing of the services and/or products as set out below.

Please select the box(es) below to indicate you do not consent to any of the items and HGC Global Communications Limited shall not use the Personal Data for direct marketing


  1. Business partners include those entities of designated industries having a contractual relationship with HGC Global Communications Limited (please refer to3for details of designated industries).
  2. Personal Data includes any or all of the following : name, gender, telephone number, fax number, postal address, e-mail address, month and year of birth, and the information on usage of telecommunications and related telecommunications value-added services and relevant HGC Global Communications Limited’s account and service number.
  3. Designated industries include telecommunications and related telecommunications value-added services and/or products, concierge services, flowers and hampers, wedding planning services, personal care and beauty, fashion and apparel, supermarket and department stores, household, catering/ food and beverages, hotels and travelling, entertainment and leisure, high-end consumer products, electrical and electronic products, e-commerce and payment platforms, media, insurance, banking and finance, education, stationery and office equipment, real estate and property management, logistics and transportation, social network services, recruitment, charitable and non-profit making organizations.

If at any time in the future you do not wish HGC Global Communications Limited, its affiliated companies, agents and/or business partners in providing you with any information for direct marketing of the aforesaid products and services relating to HGC Global Communications Limited, its affiliated companies and business partners, please contact us via email, or by mail to PO Box 33, Tsuen Wan Post Office, Hong Kong or call HGC Global Communications Limited’s Customer Services Hotline 1220 (Voice/IDD Service) / 1222 (Internet Service). If you inform us via email or by post, our customer service representative will contact you for verification purpose.

We're available Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The offer is valid until 30 June 2019​ and applicable to new corporate customers and designated commercial buildings only, subject to a fixed contract term of 24 months (“Fixed Contract Period”).
  2. Customer agrees to subscribe from HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC”) for the Talk Central Services as set out above (the “Services”) and effect the same as from the above service request date or any other date as mutually agreed by Customer and HGC. Notwithstanding that, Customer acknowledges and agrees that the availability and actual activation date of the Services shall be subject to the final confirmation by HGC, and which confirmation shall be affected by and subject to HGC’s network coverage, capacity, internal trunking within building, site constraints, site survey results, approvals from building management offices (BMO) (if any), licenses from various relevant Government bodies (if any), credit approvals and any other reasons beyond the control of HGC. Customer acknowledges and agrees that notwithstanding the final confirmation by HGC as aforesaid, the installation services for effecting the Services, the provision of the Services and the quality of the Services provided by HGC shall actually be subject to and conditional upon the circumstantial factors of the installation sites and/or the environment and condition of where the Services are to be effected and used. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that HGC shall reserve its sole and absolute discretion to decide to accept, reject, cancel, withdraw and/or vary Customer’s subscription for the Services or otherwise, the provision of the Services to Customer without incurring any liability therefrom.
  3. The above monthly service fee and installation fee only cover standard installation work which refers to installation work conducted by HGC using common facilities available from the building, which includes cable, trunking, raiser etc., with permission to use these facilities without additional charge to HGC. HGC reserves the right to charge Customer on top of the above monthly service fee and installation fee of the installation work outside the scope of standard installation work which is not planned or beyond normal provision of the Services, including but not limited to high-platform setup, opening ceiling, fixing promat, special internal wiring, dedicated trunking, internal trunking, civil works, wayleave dues, Customer premise equipment, maintenance or site visit for non HGC network, any surcharges imposed by the building management office, incorporated owner of committee, contractor or any third parties for the provision of the Services, etc. The charge is subject to the cost, complexity, effort involved and the availability of resources.
  4. The Services can only be used at the installation address specified above throughout the whole contract period and any renewal period thereafter.
  5. For relocation of installation address, Customer must give not less than ten (10) days’ prior notice to HGC. Availability of the Services at the relocated address will be subject to HGC’s network coverage and technical facilities.
  6. Customer shall ensure its system and network settings, including any personal computers, shall meet the minimum requirements and specifications from time to time announced by HGC for the software (if any) provided by HGC for the Services.
  7. Customer shall bear its own risks for using any third party software to access the Services. HGC does not warrant the Services will be compatible with, or any particular features of the Services will be available by using such third party software.
  8. HGC shall not be responsible for troubleshooting or maintenance of any non HGC’s networks. If HGC agrees to make a maintenance visit in relation to any non HGC’s network, HGC reserves the right to charge Customer for such maintenance visit. Customer acknowledges and agrees to pay all administrative surcharges or fees imposed by any building management offices, incorporated owners committees or any third parties for the provision of or the facilitation of Customer’s use of the Services.
  9. Customer agrees to take all necessary steps to facilitate HGC to install the Services on or before the above service request date or any other date as mutually agreed with HGC.
  10. For any change of the service request date, Customer shall give not less than three (3) working days’ advance written notice to HGC. Customer agrees to pay HGC an administrative fee of HK$600 for each re-scheduling of service request date. The re-scheduling is subject to mutual agreement between Customer and HGC.
  11. All equipment provided by HGC for the Services, including all phone sets, must be returned to HGC upon termination for whatever cause of the Services. Customer shall be responsible for and shall upon request pay HGC the full costs of the equipment if it is damaged, lost, or otherwise not returned for whatever reasons (For details, please visit our website: will be sent to Customer electronically to the e-mail address provided by Customer. Customer can login to the HGC e-Bill portal to view the invoice details. If hardcopy bill by post is required by Customer, a service fee of $30 or another prevailing fee will be charged per hardcopy bill. Monthly service fee will be billed a) in advance for recurrent and b) in arrears for non-recurrent or usage-based charges. Detailed payment instructions will be shown in the bill.
  12. Customer must give HGC one month’s prior written notice for termination of the Services and any subscribed for value-added service (“VAS”) (if applicable). In the event of such termination or where HGC terminates the Services and VAS due to Customer’s default, Customer agrees to pay to HGC an early termination charge equivalent to the monthly services fees and any value-added services multiplied by the number of months remaining of the minimum contract period of the Services and VAS.
  13. Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that immediately upon the expiry of the contract period, this contract shall automatically continue thereafter and be deemed to have been renewed on a monthly basis upon the same terms and conditions hereunder, save and except that the contract period for the contract as renewed from time to time shall be one month and the monthly service fee shall be as mentioned below. Provision of the Services as requested under this contract, phone equipment and all other value added services subscribed for under this contract will be automatically continued on a monthly basis and chargeable at the then prevailing standard monthly service fee as determined by HGC (For details, please visit our website: Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the automatic renewal as aforesaid shall cease upon the expiry of the one month prior notice for terminating this contract as received by HGC from Customer.
  14. Provision of the Services is conditional upon availability of HGC’s business broadband services. Customer shall ensure that the business broadband services subscribed from HGC have the requisite upload and download speed that meet the Talk Central Technical Requirement as set out below.
  15. The Services may be provided to Customer via its own IP infrastructure. Customer shall at its own costs take all necessary steps to ensure such IP infrastructure (if any) settings fulfill the Talk Central Technical Requirement below. HGC shall not be responsible for any outage or fault of the Services should Customer fail to fulfill the Talk Central Technical Requirement below.
  16. The Services cannot function during power failure and is not suitable for use with lifeline devices.
  17. Use of the Services requires a stable connection to the Internet whereby the uploading and downloading speed should meet the Talk Central Technical Requirement as set out below. If the telephone set is connected to a broadband network provided by any broadband service provider other than HGC (“Other Broadband Network”), HGC shall not be responsible for the availability and quality of the Services under this situation. As the Services may also be impaired by the uploading or downloading speed of Other Broadband Network, HGC will only be responsible for the telephone set and service / features configuration and usability in this circumstance. It is Customer's sole responsibility to ensure the availability and quality of Other Broadband Network. Customer shall contact the service provider of Other Broadband Network directly if necessary.
  18. This offer is subject to HGC’s General and Special Terms and Conditions which can be found on our website If there is any conflict between the terms and conditions specified in this offer and HGC’s General and Special Terms and Conditions, then the former will prevail.​​​​